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3 Reasons Why Protein is Your Weight Loss Shortcut

Protein is king when it comes to diet Most people will enter these kinds of programs to upgrade quality of food and understanding. If you take ONE lesson from this entire program; it would be to increase your protein intake and get adequate amounts. This will immediately have an impact on your total caloric intake […]

You want the nutrition secret? Read this!

In our pursuit of optimal health and fitness, it’s crucial to remember that quality is king. We often focus on our workouts, but the fuel we put into our bodies is just as important. Slow, incremental improvements in food quality not only impact your aesthetic goals but also play a significant role in your overall […]

Unveiling the H.P.A. Blueprint

At CrossFit Ceylon, we’ve embarked on a mission to redefine what it means to pursue health, performance, and aesthetics. Our journey has been one of transformation, innovation, and breaking down barriers that have held people back from achieving their full potential. The traditional approach to fitness often compartmentalises health, performance, and aesthetics, treating them as […]

Triangle of Awareness

Before we delve into the specifics of each individual facet, it’s crucial to recognize a fundamental truth: reaching the pinnacle of any one aspect demands a degree of sacrifice in the others. While the pursuit of peak health, performance, and aesthetics simultaneously might be challenging, we can harmonize these goals by tailoring our approach to […]

Mastering the correct training intensity is crucial

After a personal training (PT) session, it’s common to hear people say, “I wouldn’t have pushed myself to do those extra reps if you weren’t there.” This insight reveals a significant obstacle many new members face. Many individuals don’t exercise with enough intensity, and as a result, they fail to stress their bodies sufficiently to […]

Demystifying CrossFit: Evolving Our Coaching Approach

CrossFit – a term that has sparked both enthusiasm and scepticism within the fitness world. As we delve into the heart of the H.P.A. Blueprint, we want to address the evolution of CrossFit Ceylon’s coaching methodology and how we’ve taken strides to prioritise your safety, health, performance, and aesthetics. The CrossFit Transformation CrossFit has undergone […]

2 Ways to Progress Your Strength

Add repetitions or weight. When it comes to progressive overload, there’s a straightforward approach: increasing by either one repetition (1 rep) or 5%–10% in weight. Here’s how it works: Every other week, as you repeat similar movement patterns, you have two options to add intensity to your workouts: Add one more repetition at the same […]

New RPE Charts!

Hey guys! Here is the updated version of our RPE Chart for strength. This chart gives you a little deeper breakdown of where we want to go when we are approaching our strength work. Depending on where you are in your training cycle or a recommendation from your coach, you will have to identify how […]

Why we chose the 5×5 Training Protocol

If you are currently following the training cycle at CrossFit Ceylon, it’s important to understand why we have incorporated the 5×5 protocol. Outlined below are a few advantages. Simple Progression Model: The 5×5 protocol offers a straightforward progression model. Each week, you can increase the weight by 2.5–5% throughout the cycle. However, it’s essential to […]

The Big Change!

Hey everyone! We wanted to take a moment to address the recent change in our Back to Basics program to a full-body split. We know many of you may be wondering why we made this change, so let’s break down a few key reasons: More time-efficient and allows for a more flexible schedule Allows for […]