3 Reasons Why Protein is Your Weight Loss Shortcut

Protein is king when it comes to diet

Most people will enter these kinds of programs to upgrade quality of food and understanding. If you take ONE lesson from this entire program; it would be to increase your protein intake and get adequate amounts. This will immediately have an impact on your total caloric intake and have you eating less of the undesirable food.

1. Protein Can Increase Your Metabolism (“Calories Out”) Digesting and metabolizing protein burns calories

This isn’t going to make up a massive amount of your daily calories, but the simple act of digesting protein will require some caloric burn – anywhere from 100– 300+ extra calories burned a day just from choosing protein over the other two macros.

2. Protein Reduces Appetite, Cuts Cravings and Reduces Desire for Late- Night Snacking

If you’ve ever had a late-night craving hit (and if you are a human, you most certainly have) then you know they are just about impossible to resist. One of the best tools for this is adequate protein consumption, particularly in the early part of the day. Set yourself up for a winning evening by getting your protein in early

3. Protein Increases Muscle Mass, Helps Prevent Muscle Loss, and Supports Soft Tissue Recovery

Food and nutrition isn’t just about losing weight, despite what the media wants you to think. Don’t get fooled into thinking less is more. In fact, one thing we coach is that by eating more high quality food you will have more energy to move your body, train, and live a life of vitality. This includes building quality muscle tissue, which is proven to increase your health span, metabolism, and quality of life.

So, use protein as a tool to keep that tissue healthy, recovering quickly, and pain free.

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