Mastering the correct training intensity is crucial

After a personal training (PT) session, it’s common to hear people say, “I wouldn’t have pushed myself to do those extra reps if you weren’t there.”

This insight reveals a significant obstacle many new members face. Many individuals don’t exercise with enough intensity, and as a result, they fail to stress their bodies sufficiently to trigger a positive response.

You see, the body only improves in response to stress. Afterward, during the recovery phase, it becomes stronger and more resilient, and the baseline increases.

When people begin their training, they often fall into one of two traps: either they train with too much intensity and end up burning out, or they don’t push hard enough and see no real progress.

To make significant gains in strength and muscle, it’s essential to train close to the point of failure, stopping just 1-2 reps short. Most people severely underestimate where that point truly is.

An excellent way to learn how to train with the right intensity is by participating in a few one-on-one or small group training sessions. Working with a coach during these sessions will help you discover that perfect balance, often referred to as the “Goldilocks Zone.”

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Remember these three key points for your overall fitness:

  1. Eat nutrient-dense foods in adequate amounts.
  2. Aim for 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night.
  3. Train with adequate intensity.

The internet will tell you that it is more complicated than that, but that’s truly all it really takes.

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