The 3 stages to success

This is going to sound obvious, but the reality is that the people who get the best results are not necessarily the ones who push themselves the hardest, but the ones who go the longest. There are phases to training, nutrition, and getting results.

People frequently complain about not seeing results quickly enough, so they bounce around trying every program, diet, and hack they can find and committing to nothing.

The reality is that you need to find something that will allow you to sustain the effort over extended periods of time because there are stages to getting results.

Adjustment Period: When you first start making changes to your diet, sleep, or training routine, it takes time for your body, mind, and environment to adjust. This is usually the hardest part and where there is the most resistance. Be patient and give yourself time to adapt.

Understanding your unique nuances: Every person is different, and it’s important to understand the subtle nuances that work best for you. This could be the time of day you train best, the types of healthy foods you can consistently eat, or a sleep routine that works for you. It’s important to discover these things through trial and error.

Mastery: Once you reach this stage, things start to feel automatic. They become a part of who you are, what you do, and your daily behaviors. This is the point where many people fail to arrive, but it’s essential to achieving long-term success.

Give yourself a long enough time horizon, achieve mastery, and it will not be unreasonable to get incredible results.

P.S. This does not only apply to health and fitness.

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