New RPE Charts!

Hey guys!

Here is the updated version of our RPE Chart for strength.

This chart gives you a little deeper breakdown of where we want to go when we are approaching our strength work.

Depending on where you are in your training cycle or a recommendation from your coach, you will have to identify how many reps in reserve you have when finishing a set.

We have also updated our RPE chart for Endurance, which gives us a much more detailed breakdown and description of what each RPE effort feels like and some corresponding metrics and descriptions such as heart rate zones and possible activities that will generally get us there.

Remember that none of these are absolutes and can vary depending on the person’s fitness and training experience.

One of the biggest benefits of doing personal training is learning what each of these efforts feels like. Your coach will be able to teach you the fine balance between getting the correct weight for the given rep scheme and being able to truly identify what your effort levels are.

If you are interested in PT Sessions with one of our coaches, click this link to inquire.

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