2 Ways to Progress Your Strength

Add repetitions or weight.

When it comes to progressive overload, there’s a straightforward approach: increasing by either one repetition (1 rep) or 5%–10% in weight. Here’s how it works:

Every other week, as you repeat similar movement patterns, you have two options to add intensity to your workouts:

  1. Add one more repetition at the same weight you used in previous weeks.
  2. Increase your total weight by 5%–10%.

Keep in mind that this system isn’t flawless, and there may be weeks when you can’t surpass your previous efforts. Don’t be discouraged; it could be due to factors like lifestyle or nutrition.

If you encounter a persistent plateau, it might be indicative of chronic under-recovery from your training, which can manifest as lingering fatigue from previous sessions coupled with symptoms like decreased motivation, reduced energy levels, and mood swings.

The Solution

In such cases, the best course of action is to take a 1-2 week deload from your training by reducing both volume and intensity. This break can help your body recover, allowing you to return to your baseline level of performance.

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