You want the nutrition secret? Read this!

In our pursuit of optimal health and fitness, it’s crucial to remember that quality is king. We often focus on our workouts, but the fuel we put into our bodies is just as important. Slow, incremental improvements in food quality not only impact your aesthetic goals but also play a significant role in your overall health and long-term success.

Here are a few reasons why quality should be at the forefront of your nutrition strategy:

  1. Precision Matters: Food labels can be up to 20% off in accuracy and still pass FDA inspection? By cooking with real ingredients and whole foods, you greatly increase your ability to consistently track your food intake over time.
  2. More Bang for Your Buck: Higher quality foods tend to have more volume per calorie, meaning they are less calorically dense. For example, 100 grams of broccoli carbs will fill you up much more than 100 grams of sugary cereal. Making quality choices can help you feel satisfied with fewer calories.
  3. Better Digestion, Better Performance: Quality food choices can lead to better digestion, reducing adverse symptoms like bloating, gas, and burping. Improved digestion also means your body is better equipped to signal your brain when you’re full, helping you avoid overeating due to digestive discomfort.

As part of your ongoing journey, we encourage you to make it a goal each week or each month to reassess your food quality and identify areas where you can make upgrades. This might involve cooking more of your meals from scratch or incorporating more raw produce into your diet.

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