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One of the biggest changes to our objectives over the past couple of years has been to unify health, performance, and aesthetics in all of our programming and coaching. We believe that true long-term health and happiness come from balancing all three of these components, regardless of where you start in your training journey.

For many of our members, their initial goal is to lose weight, build muscle, and improve their appearance, and while there is nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel your best, it’s important to remember that these goals are just one part of the puzzle. Others may come to CrossFit Ceylon with the primary goal of improving their overall health, whether it’s managing a chronic condition or simply wanting to feel more energetic. And while these goals are certainly noble, it’s important to remember that aesthetics and performance are also important indicators of long-term health and happiness.

At some point in your training journey, it’s inevitable that you will want to improve your performance. Whether it’s setting a new personal record in a lift, running a faster mile, or simply feeling more capable in your daily life, the desire to become better is a natural part of the training process. And while it’s important to focus on performance, it’s equally important to remember that health and aesthetics play a role in your overall well-being.

No matter where you start in your training journey, it’s important to remember that health, performance, and aesthetics are all interconnected. To truly optimize your progress, you will need to address nutrition, sleep, recovery, and stress management. If you have not fully immersed yourself in one or more of these areas, you may be leaving progress on the table.

At CrossFit Ceylon, it is our objective to help you unify all three components of health, performance, and aesthetics in your training. We believe that this holistic approach is the key to long-term health and happiness.

The fact that you chose us to help you with your goals is something that we take extremely seriously and take all measurable steps possible to deliver.

Our objectives are simple: get you the result that you need.

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