Author: CRiSH

New RPE Charts!

Hey guys! Here is the updated version of our RPE Chart for strength. This chart gives you a little deeper breakdown of where we want to go when we are approaching our strength work. Depending on where you are in your training cycle or a recommendation from your coach, you will have to identify how […]

Why we chose the 5×5 Training Protocol

If you are currently following the training cycle at CrossFit Ceylon, it’s important to understand why we have incorporated the 5×5 protocol. Outlined below are a few advantages. Simple Progression Model: The 5×5 protocol offers a straightforward progression model. Each week, you can increase the weight by 2.5–5% throughout the cycle. However, it’s essential to […]

The Big Change!

Hey everyone! We wanted to take a moment to address the recent change in our Back to Basics program to a full-body split. We know many of you may be wondering why we made this change, so let’s break down a few key reasons: More time-efficient and allows for a more flexible schedule Allows for […]

This may be what is missing

One of the most common mistakes we see in class is a lack of intensity during sets. From all the data that has been collected, we know that going to absolute failure does not reap that much more benefit than going close to failure and stopping. Muscle is the organ of longevity for many reasons, […]

This is why you need muscle

Building muscle is important for a number of reasons. Here are a few: Increased metabolism: Muscle tissue requires more energy to maintain than fat tissue, so having more muscle can increase your resting metabolism, or the number of calories your body burns while at rest. This can help with weight management and make it easier […]

This is why you make bad decisions

Have you ever found yourself standing in front of an open fridge, trying to decide what to eat, only to end up feeling frustrated and overwhelmed? Or perhaps you’ve been on a diet, only to fall off the wagon because you didn’t have the energy to constantly make healthy food choices. If so, you’re not […]

This is our motto

One of the biggest changes to our objectives over the past couple of years has been to unify health, performance, and aesthetics in all of our programming and coaching. We believe that true long-term health and happiness come from balancing all three of these components, regardless of where you start in your training journey. For […]

The Secret Formula

One of the methods we have used to help people get started with their nutrition, whether it’s for muscle gain or fat loss, is to make changes by titrating. Any changes that are made are done in small doses until we eventually get to the target change. This allows you to figure out the subtle […]

The 3 stages to success

This is going to sound obvious, but the reality is that the people who get the best results are not necessarily the ones who push themselves the hardest, but the ones who go the longest. There are phases to training, nutrition, and getting results. People frequently complain about not seeing results quickly enough, so they […]

Stress is holding you back

If you live a life that would be considered high stress, have an “A” type personality, or are always in “high gear,” the body may naturally be cranking out too much cortisol. Now if cortisol production is high, then there could be some negative effects such as blood sugar dysregulation, weight gain (especially in the […]