Open Gym; Off-Peak

Open Gym (Off-Peak ) 

Our off-peak Open gym sessions allow you to come in and do your own training, hone in on your Olympic weightlifting, practice your gymnastic skills or even just do the class WOD – at a time convenient for you.

Our Open Gym Monthly pass is perfect for individuals that have a flexible schedule and can access the gym during off-peak hours.

Weekdays Weekends & Mercantile
10:00AM – 12:00NN
12:30PM – 02:00PM
02:30PM – 04:30PM
12:30PM – 02:30PM

Rates & Packages

Package Price Validity
Open Gym; Off-Peak Hours
Monthly Pass 12,500.00 1 month
Open Gym Schedule Weekdays Weekends & Mercantile
Session 1 10.00AM – 12.00NN
Session 2 12:30PM – 02:00PM 12:30 – 02:30PM
Session 3 02:30PM – 04:30PM
Kindly please note that reservations are required via Wodify.
Kindly please honor the timings of each session.