CrossFit Program

CrossFit Program

Our CrossFit program includes our signature CrossFit classes and our specialty Ceylon Barbell Club classes that focus on Olympic Weightlifting.

All our CrossFit class passes and membership packages also provide access to the BASE program classes, Yoga Program classes and Open Gym (both peak + off-peak hour sessions).

Program Access

Our CrossFit class passes and membership packages provide access to the following programs.

Program CrossFit BASE Yoga Open Gym Peak Hours Open Gym Off-peak Hours
Classes CrossFit |  Ceylon Barbell Club Build |  Endurance Active Recovery |  Yoga Check with FD for timings Check with
FD for timings

CrossFit Program – Rates & Packages

Package Price Validity Holds
OnBoarding Program
OnBoarding Program 33,000.00 1 cycle
CrossFit Class Passes
Drop-in Class 4,500.00 1 class
3 Class Pass 12,000.00 1 month
6 Class Pass 18,000.00 1 month
Monthly Unlimited 20,000.00 1 month 7 days
Quarterly Unlimited 50,000.00 3 months 14 Days
Semi-Annual Unlimited 90,000.00 6 months 21 Days
Annual Unlimited 170,000.00 12 months 30 Days
Wolf Pack Min. of 02 pax 170,000.00 15 months 30 Days
Founding Member 135,000.00 12 months 30 Days
Eligible for CrossFit + BASE + Open Gym Program Classes.

For individuals that have no prior CrossFit experience, class pass options are available for access to Back to Basics program only.
Please check with Front Desk for class schedule.