Back to Basics Program

Back to Basics Program

Our Back to Basics (B2B) program is designed to give anyone new to CrossFit a platform to build on the specific skills that CrossFit demands.

The program is split in 3 ways:

  • Functional Bodybuilding is designed to build a solid foundation of movement patterns that do not breakdown under fatigue.
  • Endurance is devised to expose you to efforts at higher heart rates in simple low complexity exercises so that you can build tolerance to the discomforts associated with breathing heavy.
  • Mobility & Movement was developed to complement all of our programs to release muscle tension and mobilize joints that are most commonly used in our training methods.

Program Access

Our Back to Basics class passes provide access to the following programs.

Program CrossFit Back to Basics Yoga Open Gym Peak Hours Open Gym Off-peak Hours
Classes Build |  Endurance Active Recovery |  Yoga

B2B Program – Rates & Packages

Package Price Validity Holds
OnBoarding Program
OnBoarding Program 30,000.00 1 month
B2B Class Passes
Drop-in Class 4000.00 1 class
3 Class Pass 10,500.00 1 month
6 Class Pass 15,000.00 1 month
Monthly Class Pass 17,000.00 1 month
Quarterly Class Pass 42,000.00 3 months 14 Days
Semi-Annual Class Pass 75,000.00 6 months 21 Days
Eligible for Back to Basics Program + Yoga Program Classes.
Please check with Front Desk for class schedule.