3 Phase Re-Opening FAQs

1. What happened with our Memberships, Class passes and Personal Training packages when the Box was closed?

All memberships have been put on hold from 16 March 2020 and we will continue to do so until we are officially given permission to open.

Unfortunately, the Wodify system doesn’t allow us the option to “hold” Class Pass packages and Personal Training packages, however, we have taken note of members that fall into the above category. These packages will be honored.

2. Was the hold period taken from my standard allocation of hold based on my membership package?

No, it was not. As per our Membership Agreement, our hold policy is as follows;

  • Monthly Unlimited   : no holds allowed
  • Quarterly Unlimited   : 14 days only
  • Annual Unlimited/Wolf Pack: 30 days only

Due to the unprecedented situation, the 73 days (and counting) hold allocations were complimentary from the Box due to the mandatory shut down implemented by the Government.

These holds will remain in effect till we are officially allowed to open.

3. What if I don’t want come back to the Box just yet? Can I continue my Hold?

We hear that some of you may not want to come back to train at the Box just yet. We completely understand. To allow flexibility in this situation, we have decided to allow ALL categories of Membership packages an additional 45 days to hold your membership.

However, please note this 45 day allocation can only be used within the next 3 month period from when the Box officially opens.

IF you are one of these athletes, please email us at wodup@crossfitceylon.com to make your request.

4. Does this mean I get an additional 45 days on top of my remaining membership hold allocation?

Yes, it does. If you are a Quarterly, Annual, Wolf Pack or Founding Membership holder then these additional days will be allowed on top of your remaining hold allocations, if you have any.

For example, if you are an Annual Unlimited member and in January you requested for a 15 day hold due to overseas travel, you still have 15 days remaining that can be used anytime during your membership period.

The additional 45 days provided can only be used within 3 months of the Box re-opening.

5. What if my membership expired on or before 16 March 2020? Can I renew my Membership or buy a Class Pass?

For the first few weeks from the date the Box re-opens, we shall not be selling new memberships/renewals or class passes (unless you already had an existing Class pass package that expired during the lockdown period).

This was a difficult decision for us to make, however, due to the limited class and restricted class sizes that we have to follow for health and safety purposes we can only operate at limited capacity as per Government guidelines.

This means we are unable to accommodate all athletes for classes during peak hours daily. To be fair, we have to give priority to existing memberships and class passes only, hence this decision was made.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We will re-consider this policy after we evaluate the actual throughput of members once we have re-opened.

6. What about Personal Training packages? With the new timings, I cannot come for Personal Training during off-peak hours?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate Personal Training appointments (for both members and non-members) during the class times (i.e. peak hours in morning and evening) during Phase 1.

If you have an existing Personal Training package or one that expired during lockdown, please do email us at wodup@crossfitceylon.com so we can find a find a solution for you.

7. Will online classes still continue after the Box is opened?

Yes, our online Zoom coach-led classes will continue even after the Box is open.

8. How long will you run online classes for?

We will gradually taper off the online classes once we are able to increase capacity at the Box. We will not abruptly stop this service but will give you an advance notification for when we plan to phase them out.

9. How much is it for the online class passes, what are class timings and how can I register?


Our Online Class Pass packages are as follows;

  • 5-Class Pass : LKR 3,000
  • 10-Class Pass : LKR 5,000

*Class passes are valid for 1 month from purchase date.
**All classes are 60-minutes in duration.



Functional Fitness

Mondays to Fridays: 08:00 AM | 09:00AM | 06:30PM

Saturday & Sundays: 08:00 AM | 09:00AM

Yin Yoga

Tuesdays & Thursdays: 05:00 PM


Please e-mail wodup@crossfitceylon.com to get registration details.

10. Why are you not running more classes during peak hours?

We are unable to run back to back classes due to the fact that time is needed for our cleaning staff to clean and sanitize the equipment (yes we will sanitize it AGAIN after you wipe down your own equipment) as well as the designated workout stations and surrounding areas.

We will also need time to wipe down and sanitize all designated lockers and other common touch points before the next class come in to use them.

11. Under Phase 1 opening, why am I not allowed to use the shower facility?

We are unable to offer the shower facility for our initial Phase 1 offerings due to health & safety reasons. Our shower cubicles’ drainage is shared and thus we rather be on the safe side.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We will re-consider this policy after we evaluate the compliance of all members with new protocols before providing this service.

12. Can I access the toilet and changing room?

Yes, you can use the toilet. We have placed hand sanitizers both inside and outside the toilet cubicles, please use them before and after touching the handles.

Select lockers in the changing room that are marked shall be available for use. To maintain social distancing, we have sealed off certain lockers in order to maintain this guideline.

Please remember to take all your personal items with you when you leave as any items left behind will be disposed off the same day. Please note there will be no Lost & Found service available for Phase 1.

13. Can I leave my car keys up front to have my car moved when I am in class?

All car keys, jewelry, phones etc can no longer be left at Front Desk when coming in for class. All your personal items will need to be stored in your locker only (please bring your own lock if you need to and remove it together with all your personal belongings before you leave the facility).

Our Front Desk team can no longer assist to move your car during Phase 1 so please make sure you follow strict instructions for where to park your car depending on what class you have come in for.

14. If I am on “Waitlist” can I come to the Box to wait for a no-show or late cancellation?

No, you are unable to do this anymore. Members can only come to the Box if they have a confirmed reservation for a class, open gym and personal training sessions. No reservation = no access to facility.

Our “3 strikes policy” as per our Membership Agreement, is still in effect. If you cancel late and/or do not show up 3 times within a month, your membership will be suspended for a 2-week period. Repeat offenders will be subject to an additional 1-month suspension.

15. What was the cancellation cut-off times again?

The reservation and cancellation cut-off times remain the same.

  • Reservations for classes open 48 hours before that class.
  • Cancellation cut-off times:
  • For morning classes, the cut-off time is 8 hours before the start of class.
  • For evening classes, the cut-off time is 4 hours before the start of class.